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We are available to give presentations by appointment at schools, businesses, churches and organisations, email or phone to request a visit.
Eagles Wings has active projects in the following countries:
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Maternity Clinic
Nebbi, North West Ugandaspacer
Girls Home
Elburgon, Kenya
Street Boys’ Mbarara, Uganda
Family Centre & Clinic
Ntungamo, Uganda
School & Medical Centre
Katwe, Kampala, Uganda
Street Kids & Orphans
Perm, Siberia, Russia
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Eagles Wings news: UK ladies team visit Nebbi, Uganda
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Our vision and purpose

Eagles Wings was founded as a humanitarian aid charity in 2004 to alleviate suffering and poverty by providing basic food, clean water, clothing, shelter and healthcare.
The primary focus of the charity is to target assistance to children, street kids, youth, families, the sick, the elderly and vulnerable and those living in desperate circumstances.
Katwe Slum Kampala

The founder, Bruce Oliver, started work in Kenya, Uganda, India and Russia through known contacts, deciding that an essential part of any project overseas would be local trustworthy partners with whom we could communicate.

Bruce had already been travelling to these regions for several years and had become friends with Mark Kariuki in Kenya, Paul Kinataama in Uganda, Moses Prem Kumar in Chennai, India, Prem Babu in Hyderabad, India and Fred Ilyin in Russia. It was his belief that we could achieve much and minimise administrative costs by working through these friendships and their existing structures for Eagles Wings aid distribution.

Four years on projects
Now, four years on, we have successfully initiated good working projects in Elburgon, Kapsabet and Kericho, Kenya, in Gulu and Ntungamo, Uganda, in Perm, Siberia and in the Chennai in India.

In addition to this, we have been able to respond quickly to local needs and emergencies in Gopalpet and Chirala, India and in Eldoret, Nakuru and Nairobi, Kenya.

One of the successes for Eagles Wings has been the reporting back procedures using digital images and video. This has proven to donors that aid has been purchased and distributed successfully by our local partners in record time.

Possible projects in new countries
Exploratory work has started along similar lines in Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria. It is our desire to make each project self-sufficient financially by providing resource to train and teach simple skills locally and to kick start viable small enterprises.

We have good experience now of tailoring schools in Gulu, Northern Uganda, small enterprises with bicycles, scales, irons and fishing nets on the East Coast of India and farming maize, beans, potatoes, carrots and dairy produce in Elburgon, Kenya. We also support a working farm on the outskirts of Perm, Siberia.

We want to demonstrate to our supporters that British aid sent through Eagles Wings reaches its destination, and that it is handled and distributed wisely and honestly. To date, we believe that we have achieved this and we thank you for making it possible.


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