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We are available to give presentations by appointment at schools, businesses, churches and organisations, email or phone to request a visit.
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Training and teaching

Eagles Wings are delighted to be partnering with a charity called Thare Machi Education, who provide educational DVDs on a range of topics relating to general life skills.
Eagles Wings are able to take these DVDs out free of charge to the nations we are working with, and show them to large groups of people who, otherwise would not have access to such basic learning material. We give them away to local teachers, village leaders, women’s leaders, pastors and individuals so they can be shown to as many people as possible. These DVDs have proven to be invaluable in recent trips where we have projected them out in the open, under trees and onto walls. They are interactive lessons that enable people to talk and learn from each other on topics ranging from basic hygiene to HIV/Aids.

Eagles Wings are committed to help teach and train people so they may benefit longer term, making a huge difference to their future. Below are some of the lessons we have been able to distribute in the local language.

Thare Machi Education
Thare Machi Education website

Basic Hygiene
This message teaches the importance of keeping yourself clean to help prevent sickness. Simple lessons are covered such as; how to thoroughly wash your hands, keeping the area where you live clean, and how germs, even though unseen, can spread easily.
basic hygiene
Healthy Eating
This lesson provides key information on what the body needs nutritionally to stay healthy, and what different types of food are necessary for the body to do this. It is appropriate for all cultures and looks at substitutes or ideas where some foods are either unavailable or too expensive to buy.
healthy eating
Safe Water
Access to safe water is often very limited. This DVD shows the importance of safe water and how some germs can’t be seen to the naked eye. For this reason, people must be educated on how to keep the water they are drinking, and its sources, clean.
safe water
Looking After Your Teeth
This topic examines the importance of keeping teeth clean and the effects on teeth and gums if they are not cared for. It also shows ways of making alternatives for toothbrushes where they are not available.
looking after your teeth
When to Have a Baby
This lesson appropriately addresses every culture in the area of family planning, which is something that isn’t discussed let alone taught in some countries. It teaches a women, what to do if she thinks she might be pregnant, how to best prepare while she is waiting for her baby to be born, and what to do when her baby arrives.
When to have a baby
In some countries, children are commonly breastfed up to the age of about 5 years where the diet is often poor. This message shows the importance of breastfeeding especially for newborns as it provides them with nutrients not found anywhere else and boosts their natural immunity.
breast feeding
HIV/AIDS is the second biggest killer of adults and children in Africa. This lesson educates people about the virus, and differentiates between fact and myth. It mainly focuses on how the virus can be caught in the first place and how to avoid getting it.
Having an HIV Test
This lesson works in conjunction with the HIV/AIDS DVD, which teaches how the virus is contracted. If people think there is a possibility of them having the virus, this message shows them what their next step should be.
having an HIV test
Caring For Someone With AIDS and Living With HIV
The information in this DVD is particularly helpful for those who are caring for someone who already has the disease, or who has it themselves. It explains that AIDS is incurable, but gives good advice on how to make things more comfortable for the sufferer particularly where medical help is not available.
caring for aids
Planting Trees Is Good!
Here, information is given on the benefits and uses of trees and why it is important to keep planting them as they provide people with shelter, wood, and food for themselves and their livestock.
planting trees is good
Making Compost
This very simple lesson on making compost is important for people who make a living through planting or who live around a lot of vegetation. It shows all the ingredients needed for healthy compost and its uses.
making compost
Beware of Landmines
For many countries, previous conflicts have left landmines and dangerous weapons in areas where people live and children play. This lesson shows pictures of different types of landmines and what they could possibly look like. It also shows the effects of landmines on people when they are picked up, moved or tampered with.
beware of landmines
High Blood Pressure
This message teaches very simply what an average blood pressure reading should be, and what can happen if it is too high. It stresses the importance of maintaining a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise to keep blood pressure at a normal level.
high blood pressure
Avoiding Malaria
Malaria is the number one killer in Africa and takes the lives of many as they are unaware of how to avoid it. This DVD shows how Malaria can only be contracted when bitten by a mosquito that is carrying the disease.
avoiding malaria
Bed Nets Can Save Lives
This lesson works in conjunction with the DVD on ‘Avoiding Malaria’ as it looks at ways of preventing mosquitoes coming into contact with the skin. It shows very practically how to access a form of bed net and how and when to use it. Even though a very simple lesson, knowing these basic principles can save lives.
bed nets can save lives
A very common illness that again, is a big issue, as people do not know what the symptoms are and how to treat it. This lesson gives very simple information on how to care for both adults and children if they recognise the symptoms explained in the DVD.
TB Can Be Cured
Tuberculosis is a curable illness that unfortunately takes the lives of many as they are unaware of the symptoms or seriousness of the illness. This information tells people how they can tell if they have TB, how they can prevent spreading it to others, and how to get it treated.
TB can be cured
Diarrhoea is a common problem that affects both adults and children. This lesson explains how diarrhoea is contracted, how it can be prevented, and how to treat someone with diarrhoea in places where medication is not available.
Immunization – General
This message teaches the importance of immunizing babies and children when they are very young to help prevent sickness. It gives information on what sicknesses children can get if they are not immunized, and how to access the right immunizations.
Say No To Glue and Drugs
This DVD covers a topic that is a huge issue in many countries particularly for youth. It covers the dangers of sniffing glue and using drugs, what the consequences are, and provides information to help prevent young children from getting started.
Say no to drugs
Dangers of Smoking / Dangers of Alcohol
Smoking and alcoholism are huge problems in many third world countries. This lesson shows the effects of both of these on the body and how dangerous they can be. It also explains how they can become addictions, what the long term consequences are, and how to avoid them.
dangers of smoking

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