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Street Kids & Orphans Perm, Siberia, Russia  

Many people ask how we got to start work in Siberia and who we help there. As is the same with all nations we work in, we partner with trusted friends who know the people and area very well. This has enabled us to go into places other charities and organisations don’t have access to, and also that we can provide aid suitable to people’s needs.

Conditions in Perm, Siberia are very harsh with temperatures reaching below 50 degrees in winter months. Many children who have lost both parents or been left on the streets have to fend for themselves and many end up living under tenement blocks and in sewer ducts. These youngsters do not survive long, perhaps a few years, and most resort to solvents and drugs to escape reality.

Siberia food distribution
Siberia food distribution

Fred, our partner in Siberia and Sasha, a former street boy, visit these places and offer basic food, clothing, some warmth and an invitation to clean up. Many accept readily, grateful that anyone cares, but tragically many are almost too far gone to rescue.

It is difficult to help in a situation like this where people could easily become dependent on aid and have difficulties re-adjusting back into ‘normal’ life again after being in a place where almost everything has been provided. Fred explained a better approach to orphan rescue in Perm, in conjunction with local families which seems to work well. Orphanages are expensive to maintain and can institutionalise rescued street kids and orphans. Eagles Wings has invested money into smaller tenement apartments where teenagers, those being released from orphanages and recovered street kids can live with adult supervision in their ‘own’ home.

By providing a starter home and assisting with living costs, we can help a family take in an extra youngster or provide accommodation for a supervised group of youngsters. One of the greatest needs has been helping girls of 16-17 become integrated into a safe home directly from their official government release from orphanage care.

The girls feel valued, have their own address and a possibility of getting employment without the ‘orphan’ stigma. Without this, many are forced to resort to street life and prostitution to survive. This is a big commitment for Fred. The state requires them to take legal care and ownership of each youngster for life.

Sewer kids
Sewer kids

Currently, Eagles Wings are supporting the Zakamsk orphanage and both Vetlyany and Polazna rehab centres. On the most recent visit, we took in fruit, toothpaste and trainers for the younger children, some of whom had never owned a pair before.

Many people in England are shocked to see white faces in Eagles Wings’ publicity and presentations, hardly believing that in our so called civilised western nations that much deprivation exists. We have become desensitised to the poverty of Africa and maybe this information will touch your heart to support us financially in this essential work in Siberia.

Apples and oranges are taken on visits to the children
Apples and oranges are taken on visits to the children

Bruce, Edik & Fred, Perm, Siberia
Bruce with Fred Ilyin our Perm, Siberia partner and local community leader Edik (centre)

Our patrner Fred, helping those in need
Our partner Fred, helping those in need

Sewer kids
Sewer kids

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