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Eagles Wings project:
Children’s Centre Gulu, Uganda  

The children’s centre in Gulu, which was built quickly and relatively cheaply at a cost of around £3000 using local hand-made bricks and a tin roof, is now being used by around 200 children (aged 3 to 12 years) who live in the local refugee camps. It serves as a safe haven for those in danger and with very limited resources has been able to support traumatised children with food and clothing and some security. A full range of activities is taking place there to improve healthcare, education and local employment and they are being run by the locals themselves under supervision from our Ugandan partners.

Gulu children

I met around 100 of these children on a recent visit to Gulu. A team of 4 of us from Eagles Wings, UK visited the Bar Me Produce, Layibi refugee camp. Despite the deprivation and difficulties, they were so happy to see us and it is thrilling to see what our direct help can actually achieve in these young lives. The centre now has working toilets and a special visitors toilet for us!

With our minimal overheads, it makes such a difference being able to target needs directly and make promises that will be fulfilled in the months to come. We were able to distribute baby and childrens clothing to many local youngsters who were roaming both naked and partly clothed, and to conduct a number of training seminars on parenthood and family life.

The next stage is to build into the brick structure a safe area for around 20 children to sleep overnight in separate boys and girls rooms. We will introduce triple decker beds, like those used in Kenya, to maximise space and keep it manageable by the resident adult supervisors.

The combined tailoring school, which operates in the centre during daytime hours, serves to provide employment and skills to local widows, many of whom have taken orphaned children into their homes, having lost their husbands both to the war and disease.
Relatively small donations make a big difference in this region.

Gulu Children’s Centre
Gulu Children’s Centre

Gulu cooking
Women cooking for children living in the new centre

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