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Street Boys Mbarara, Uganda  

I first visited Western Uganda, with our partner Paul Kinataama, back in 2002. I immediately fell in love with the lush green hills, covered with matoke plantations, as we travelled towards Rwanda into rural Uganda.
With the inevitable vehicle breakdowns and delays, that seem to be part of life in East Africa, we stopped over night in Mbarara town for the night.

Mbarara is a bustling town and one of the main centres in the West. There are the usual ranks of motorbike taxis, numerous small shops all selling much the same and a few hotel/guest houses. We were escorted to a guest house by local resident George Byabagambi in his beaten up old car! I quickly warmed to George, little realising that 5 years later we would meet again in similar circumstances, and partner with him to help the poor and destitute in Mbarara town.

Moving on to 2007, I was again on my way west through Mbarara in a rather poorly Nissan van, when the recently repaired fan belt broke yet again and we were stranded next to a young man armed with a rifle protecting the premises by which we had rather unceremoniously ground to a halt. One emergency mobile call later, and up popped George in the same old car!

Boys with donated football shirts
Boys with donated football shirts

Restless teenage boys
Somehow Mbarara was gaining my attention, and whilst the van was being fixed the following day, I was taken on a full tour of the street boys project by George and resident Canadian Pat Kokura.
With desperate poverty, a high birth rate, large families and a sporadic education, it is inevitable that teenage boys become restless, feel unwanted, uncared for and despondent. Many of them suffer physical abuse and run to the streets to escape daily beatings at home.

I witnessed many in the town centre scraping through trash cans, begging at the roadside, sleeping rough and sheltering in groups. I watched another group cooking up maize to sell on the streets and others escaping into unreality by sniffing old glue cans, solvents and petrol.

Delapidated church building offered
George had opened up his wooden church building to give some a roof over their heads for the night and he is working with Pat to help rebuild others. They value each boy and give them self worth, clothes, shelter and food from a very meagre budget.

The church building is crude and made up with slatted cheap timber and a mud floor. The planks are badly fitted together and there are gaps where the rain pours in, but even this basic shelter is a relief and better than the street boys are used to. Our plan is to fix the holes with better planed timber and build in some simple wooden bunk beds.

This is the first stage of rescue – we offer free shelter, and then provide some second hand clothes, a simple but regular feeding programme, and basic health care.

Christmas for the boys

Street boys rehabilitation programme established
Pat Kokura has already established a street boys rehabilitation programme about a half a mile away from George’s wooden church. The two have linked together and have started a rescue package for street boys, literally on a shoestring!

It is important for each boy to be identified, and both George and Pat work hard to trace families and living relatives. The project has to work within Government guidelines for orphanages and it is a major challenge engaging with hostile relatives, and with boys who are addicted to solvents and alcohol and have become accustomed to a life of petty thieving and violence to survive.

‘Oaks of Righteousness’ orphanage
Although 70 years of age, Pat is highly respected by the boys and runs an orderly and financially simple orphanage called ‘Oaks of Righteousness.’ She has invested her own Canadian pension into the project and chosen to live with the boys. Mbarara is Pat’s home.

Vision for recreation area
Currently, 29 boys live in the home and she provides shelter, food, water, clothing, medical care and education for those in her care. Having spent some time with Pat, both in England and in Uganda, I feel confident to trust her to manage grants from Eagles Wings that would support their work.

A further plot of land near to the river has been bought for camping, team building and recreation such as swimming and fishing. With relatively small investment, the rehabilitation scheme can be developed to accommodate more street boys. Once rescued, individual sponsorship would cover school fees, uniforms, books and daily needs of food at approximately £20 per month per boy.

Mbarara street boys
Mbarara street boys

Grasshoppers – a Christmas treat
Grasshoppers – a Christmas treat

Innocent and Pat
Innocent and Pat

Study time
Study time

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