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India visit, February 2010
This was my first trip to India, and boy was I in for a shock! I had seen the pictures and heard the stories so thought I knew exactly what to expect … I was wrong! Sights, smells and noises were all new to me as we made our way to our accommodation in central Hyderabad.

Blowing the horn every 3 seconds
I was amazed to see people just sleeping at the side of the road, yards away from the busy and extremely noisy traffic! Indian driving is a completely different ball game and I literally feared for my life on a number of occasions. My first lesson, when driving in India if you don’t use your horn every 3 seconds people will wonder what is wrong with you!
Eagles Wings, India visit Feb 2010
Slum dwellings
Amidst some of the tired buildings at the side of the road, I noticed lots of bags and plastic sheeting heaped in a pile. It took me a while to realise that these were people’s houses. Families of up to 5 would eat, sleep and live in these tents, if you could even call them that. Many of them have absolutely nothing and spend their time begging for money or sorting through the rubbish dumps for anything worth selling. A very difficult sight to see. Who is nearby to help them?

Food parcels
Through our friends in India who help oversee the projects we have already established, we were able to go to some of these families and give them food parcels. In every parcel was 1kg of rice, 2kg of sugar, cooking oil, 1kg dahl, a pack of chilli powder and a pack of tea.

Emergency aid parcels
Also added to the aid packs were children’s toys and some small linen items that we had brought with us and were donated by people in the UK. We have access to a cash and carry in Hyderabad, and we do believe that this is the cheapest and most effective way of distributing emergency food aid to families and people in desperate situations as it means that we can purchase at local Indian prices. It cost Eagles Wings around £100 to feed 40 families for about 3 days. It may seem like a drop in the ocean, but it brought hope to many for the first time. For security, many of the mothers and grandmothers came to where we were staying to collect a food parcel. Here we were able to talk with them and listen to some of their heart rendering stories. Many of them have no income whatsoever and most of them are genuine reasons due to sickness and premature death.

Grandmother bringing up 5 children
One grandmother in her eighties had been left with 5 young children because her daughter-inlaw could not cope with caring for them. She lived in a slum in a tent made with bags and sticks. She was so grateful for someone to show her help and support in her desperate struggle to live.

Thanks to a GP in Cambridge, we now have a base to work from in Hyderabad City. This gives us access to medical aid and food parcels to the desperate.
Eagles Wings, India February 2010

MPs and film stars – supporting Eagles Wings
We had the privilege of working with Jaya Sudha who is a well known film star, and is now a member of parliament for Secunderabad with a very significant and influential position in the city. She really has a heart for the people in her state and has set up her own aid charity called Shine Development Trust. This is great for Eagles Wings as it is giving us connections at Government level who share the same heart as us in doing all that we can for those in desperate situations. We also met two of Jaya Sudha’s colleagues along with their armed guards and machine guns! Part of Jaya Sudha’s election promise is to support a rag picker school and give education to children who spend their lives picking through all the rubbish to make enough money to eat. This is something we are very interested in supporting but need your help for this. One of the things we have always been able to promise as a charity is that we get money and aid straight through to the people who need it most. We think carefully about what it is spent on and who is benefiting from our help. We don’t have the resources to go bigger, so we work with those in dire need. In India we are still continuing with our projects on the coast, supporting the Chirala fishing village and also feeding and providing basic care for around 150 Tsunami orphans in Chennai.

You’re helping us make a difference
The need in India is great, but this trip has proven to me that what we do makes a difference and has given hope to so many.
Thank you for your support.



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