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Eagles Wings news: UK ladies team visit Nebbi, Uganda
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Eagles Wings project:
Maternity Clinic Nebbi, North West Uganda  

Imagine labouring to deliver a baby with no hospital near, no doctor or nurse to call on, no pain relief or drugs to stop the bleeding, and no antibiotics.

Hope fades and the baby dies in the womb. Then begins the slow death of the mother as sepsis sets in.

Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, KenyaDespite Millennium Goals which say every mother should have access to maternity care by 2015, many nations are far from being able to provide it.

Nebbi is a town in N.W.Uganda with the Congo border some 10 miles to the southwest and Sudan to the north. Many displaced people, largely women, have settled there, having run from unimaginable atrocities. The infant and maternal mortality rate in Uganda is 1in 8, higher in Nebbi. Every day, 16 women die giving birth in this country.

Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, Kenya

While teaching a seminar on women’s health issues in Nebbi, my tears ran with theirs as I listened to the stories of the women present, causing me to promise that if it takes me the rest of my life, I will get them a women’s clinic.

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Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, Kenya
TWO ACRES of land has already been bought and registered with the Ugandan authorities for the Nebbi Maternity clinic

Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, Kenya
TINA JEGEDE. UK Nursing Officer, has visited Nebbi and is offering her professional skills to help set up a quality maternity clinic with fully trained staff

Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, Kenya
STELLA CONRACHE is the local community women’s leader who is heading up a team of local volunteers supporting the clinic project in Nebbi

Eagles Wings maternity project, Nebbi, Kenya
MARKER STONE of the two acre plot which has been purchased for the clinic in Nebbi

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