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Emergency Aid

Kiambaa, Burnt Forest in Eldoret, Kenya

You may remember the horrifying photographs we saw in our national newspapers of a church being fire bombed and razed to the ground in Burnt Forest, Kenya. Around 40 women and children were burnt to death as mattresses were held against the windows, and petrol fire bombs were thrown in.

It is difficult for us to understand the bitter hatred between tribes as this torrent of atrocities moved through a largely rural community.

Kiambaa, Burnt Forest

Six hundred displaced people
I have just visited the Kiambaa camp in Burnt Forest to see what needs to be done. I was deeply shocked to find out that the world had moved on and left a beleaguered 600 IDP’s (internally displaced people) living in a field in a makeshift camp protected by armed police in Kiambaa.

They are begging for food (maize and beans) and basic necessities such as blankets, cooking equipment, toilet paper and sanitary pads. They struggle with literally nothing, only the clothes they stand up in, as they had to run for their lives from the rampaging mob who systematically destroyed their homes and livelihoods.

I do want to stress that there is no governmental or international aid here, literally nothing from anybody and there hasn’t been for 4 months! Local churches were destroyed and even the school was firebombed.

Meeting community leaders
We met with the community leaders to discuss what the immediate and most pressing needs were. As a result I sent money to repair the local junior school roof at a cost of £870 for 160 iron sheets and another £380 for essential food and blankets to give us a few days to think ahead, and them some food in their stomachs.

The aid package will be managed and overseen by a local church leader recommended to me called George Arita who visited with us. I travelled with our Kenyan partner Mark Kariuki, who showed me house after house and many businesses that had been totally destroyed.


Kiambaa, Burnt Forest
Burnt out shop, destroyed by rioting crowds

Kiambaa, Burnt Forest
More destruction at Kiambaa, Burnt Forest

Church on fire
Many women and children died in this arson attack on a church in Eldoret

Personal stories
It’s always the personal stories that touch me the deepest. This lady had lost her daughter in the church fire, and had another daughter in hospital with terrible burns from the petrol fire. She lived in one of the tents, shown with her family. This man had come back to recover sand owned by his 90 year old parents who had been forced to run for their lives and lost their house as the mob set it on fire! He has lost his own business and now has two elderly parents to support. He asked us to help him buy some welding equipment to get back to work.

I am making a special appeal to you to help me do something in Kiambaa.

I am still feeding 150 displaced orphans daily in Kapsabet, and supplying essential goods to Kericho District Hospital. I have also sent our diminishing kenyan funds to buy stoves, food and blankets.

If you could please pass this on to those you know who helped us with our first appeals, I would greatly appreciate it.

With my grateful thanks, Bruce

Kenya lady
Woman who lost daughter in church fire

A man who’s life has been deeply affected by troubles


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